Increase Your Smartphone Security with Ghost


Whether you use your phone to communicate with friends via social media, find out about how your favorite team played, or check for how the stock market is doing, our mobile devices have essentially become an extension of ourselves. This is made overtly evident every time our phone screens crack and we have a small mental breakdown. With this increased dependency on our mobile devices, it’s important to remember that not all apps are created equal, especially when it comes to protecting your personal data. Smartphone security is often overlooked, but without proper protection in place, apps can sell and use the data they collect from you, and the outcome can be catastrophic. This article will go over how you can increase your mobile device security through the Ghost app, so you can be rest assured that you won’t be technologically targeted.

How Apps On Your Mobile Device Can Put You At Risk

The unfortunate reality of apps on your smartphone is that they can collect your personal data without repercussion. As with most things, technology is advancing much faster than privacy and protection laws. When you agree to the “terms of use” on the free apps you use every day, you’re granting these companies almost unrestricted access. Everything from your current location, text messages, photos, and video as well as all of your contacts can be obtained and used, and sold by the companies that create the apps. The reason your data privacy isn’t protected on your mobile device is that when we as a society began the journey into the era of technology we didn’t know how far it would go.

You may think you don’t care about what companies have access to in terms of your personal data, but think of it this way. How angry do we get when friends or worse, a jealous boyfriend, looks through our phones? It feels like an invasion of privacy and a break of trust. You should feel the same way about the apps you love, you shouldn’t accept giving up every secret you have just so that you can see who died in the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, even if you are worried about your chatty co-worker spoiling the ending.

Knowing that the majority of apps are allowed to download, save, and sell your private data to anyone, both companies, and anonymous individuals who want to make money, we must take strong and swift action to protect ourselves. That’s why Ghost has put measures in place to keep your personal, private data just that, private.

You May Be An Open Book, But That Doesn’t Mean Your Phone Should Be

If you don’t know what encryption is, it’s the process of changing information and data into a protected code that helps to keep it safe from unauthorized sales and access. It prevents companies from being able to access it for their monetary gain. Encrypting your message is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and that’s why Ghost has made it their mission to create an app that keeps your information from getting into the wrong hands. Ghost does this by making all of your messages between you and the recipient send unreadable text that is completely encrypted by anyone who tries to intercept it. We are a privacy solution that gives end-to-end encrypted communication for all of their customers. This won’t affect the way you send or receive messages and emails, but rather keep them from getting into the hands of greedy companies trying to profit off your insecurities, hopes, and dreams.

Ghost starts its security solution starting with the operating system, as well as the software, data transmission, network infrastructure, and communications between serves. Apps that you have on your mobile deceive can’t decipher which software is dangerous and which isn’t, that’s why you need to Ghost’s software on your smartphone.

The Takeaway

The threat of online security breaches is real and they don’t just affect large companies and corporations. Rather, these security measures are important for every person to protect themselves. It is possible to be Doxxed, meaning your personal information is leaked online for everyone to see, but there are other less dramatic ways that data sales can damage your life. From credit card fraud to specific unhelpful and dangerous advertising directed especially at you to make companies money, the protection of your data is of the utmost importance.

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