Advanced Security Features


End-to-End Encryption

All messages sent and received from your device are encrypted for private conversations.


Post Quantum Encryption

Communication data is secured against cyberattacks using Curve25519, Double Ratcheting and Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman. More secure than No1BC


User-Controlled Private Keys

Private encryption keys are generated and stored only on your device. Data can only be accessed and decrypted on your device.


Brute-Force Protection

Enhanced protection of stored data with strong safeguards against malicious online and offline “Brute-Force” attacks.


Secure Endpoints

Ghost is committed to preventing any security breaches by hardening its entry points from devices to our infrastructure. We are on the lookout for any possible vulnerabilities in our system and by using the best security technology, we stop problems before they ever start.


No Backdoors

Ghost does not create intentional flaws in its cryptosystem to bypass encryption. Unlike companies such as SkyECC

Encryption Protocols

Every incoming and outgoing message is end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over our secure and decentralized network. All data stored on the device is also encrypted and prevents unauthorised access.

  • Curve25519, Double Ratcheting and Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman
  • AES 256bit PGP Email Encryption
  • Contact Verification authenticating public keys used in end-to-end encryption
  • TLS Encrypted Network for secure connection

Privacy by Design


Designed to prioritize the protection of your privacy and communication. Ghost was designed for privacy-minded users incorporating innovative features to enhance user-privacy. Like Encrochat we provide android PGP.


Self-Destructing Messages

Set messages and emails to self-destruct off sender & recipient’s device after a pre-defined amount of time. Like Sky ecc phone on pgp android.

encrypted backup-img

Encrypted Vault

Store sensitive data in your AES 256bit encrypted vault which cannot be accessed by us or third parties. Protected like Phantom secure.

realtime voice encryption-img

Realtime Voice Encryption

Secure and private end-to-end encrypted voice calling that cannot be listened to by us or other third parties.

We provide secure global communications

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The Privacy Solution of the Future Will Soon be Available on All Major Platforms




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Protect your data today

Protect your personal data and security today with the strongest encryption and security safeguards implemented by our infrastructure