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  • Increase revenue opportunities with leading solutions
  • Provide private and secure communication solutions to your clients
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Partner with a security-focused team

While we value security very highly, we also want to ensure an excellent user experience. For this reason, we spend countless hours meticulously refining aspects of our service to ensure it is user-friendly and of excellent quality. Additionally, we sell our product through approved retailers only. When you work with us, you know that every detail has been planned out to the highest degree as we ensure our partnership is both smooth and profitable.

Partner Portal

Our system ensures that you are fully in control of your portal so that you can effectively manage your clients. The administrative options we offer are intuitive and highly secure with ease of use. Within the admin portal, you are able to activate client accounts, renew accounts, perform a wipe of a user’s device remotely, and take payments with the highest degree of security imaginable.

Distributors can access the platform through a private VPN available for use anytime and anywhere across the globe. The partner portal allows a convenient way to manage your sub-resellers or users with a simple interface that will aid in business expansion.

Why you should Partner with us

If you are looking for a secure communication platform with excellent business opportunities that allows for guaranteed privacy; you’ve come to the right place. Our security-focused team prides ourselves in protecting our users from the never ending threat of cyberattacks.

We are stronger together

It’s remained true for all of history: teams are much stronger than individual people. Working with our platform will provide you with a partner who will always have your back.

Feature-rich service

Ghost has mind-blowing features that will appeal to businesses and individuals of all types and sizes. Our secure communication service stresses security and functionality above all else.

Technical support

Should you ever encounter any problems with your service, we will be happy to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently. You can be rest assured that we are ready to respond to your question any time and will help you navigate any issues that come up.

Committed to growth

We are always striving to improve and grow as a company. As our customer base expands, so do our own operations. We want to grow right alongside our clients and provide the best service possible, regardless of a client’s individual needs.

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    Protect your data today

    With end-to-end encryption and the highest level of security available today, you can be certain that your messages, media, and client information will never fall into the wrong hands.