Privacy Features

Designed with privacy in mind

Use more than just an encrypted messaging service to communicate privately

  • Brute Force Protection
    Protects your data against “Brute-Force” attacks even without a network connection
  • Encrypted Voice Calls
    Make private calls securely with encrypted voice calls with optional voice changer option
  • Encrypted Multimedia
    Send encrypted multimedia including photos, videos, notes, voice notes for android PGP
  • Private Encrypted Vault
    Securely store notes, chat messages, photos, videos, voice notes with AES 256-bit encryption that can only be accessed by you
  • Single Screen Solution
    Access everything on one screen avoiding the annoyance of switching between different apps
  • Message Expiration Timer
    Messages are set to self-destruct regardless of it being read or delivered
  • Stealth Modes
    Various stealth functions that further protect user-privacyfor pgp encrypted phones
  • Multi-Language Support
    Various languages supported including English, Deutsch, Espanol, Finnish, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Svenska

Encrypted secure chat

We believe that your messages should only be read by you and whomever you’ve intended to reach. Ghost uses hybrid encryption which is made of complex mathematical data processing with an End-to-End encryption approach which does not store chat logs or any history of your conversations.

Men-in-the-middle attacks, hackers, and other malicious parties from whom you cannot hide, will not be able to access your information. With Ghost military-grade encryption you can rest assure that your communication is protected by the highest level of security.

An All-in-One Platform

We’ve developed a unified user interface with the latest technology to enhance the user experience. With ongoing development and regular updates we strive for continuous improvement in our platform by adding new features, security updates and software improvements.


Duress Password

You have the option to create a “duress password”, which when entered, will immediately delete all of your sensitive information and messages.

Remote wipe & anti-theft protection

If your device is lost or stolen you can perform a remote “wipe” of the device to protect your sensitive data regardless of whether or not you are connected to the internet.

Dark/Light Theme

Whether you prefer a darker screen, or a brighter one, you can rejoice in the fact that both options are available depending on your personal preference or usability.


Tamper Proof Servers

Private Key Security

If your private key were to get into the wrong hands, your sensitive data is at a security risk. Ghost provides you full control over your unique private keys which are generated on your device and never leave your device.

Multi-Layer Integrated Encryption

Encryption services are great tools, but you need more to have a fully secure device. Ghost employs many layers of encryption to ensure that your information remains private at all times against potential threats and evolving cyber risks.


Privacy-Focused Group Chats

Ghost takes Group Chats to another level with implementation of standard practices and adding customised further security features and functions.

Self-Destructive Group Chats

Create anonymous group chats with a self-destructive timer. When the timer expires the group chat will automatically self-destruct on all recipient’s devices with no record of the messages or information stored anywhere.

Purge Function

Purge group chats to wipe all chat history from all recipients devices remotely to protect your data on other devices lost or stolen. Better than Sky ecc phones.

Anonymous Group Chats

Create group chats with full functionality in privacy with anonymous screen names to protect user identity.

Protect your data today

Protect your personal data and security today with the strongest encryption and security safeguards implemented by our infrastructure